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Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing with us is really simple. You just need to choose the best services for your book and get yourself register. Share your ideas/content and that’s it! Rest WE WILL TAKE CARE

No, there will not be any hidden charges. You just need to pay for those services which are agreed. Once it is published, if you need extra printed copies, just need to pay the printing cost.

ISBN is a 13-digit book identification number which stands for International Standard Book Number. An ISBN is assigned to each edition and variation (except re-printings) of a book. A separate ISBN is assigned for Paperback, Hardcover and eBook versions.

We work as per the non-exclusive agreement where Author retains all rights to the content that author creates and submits to us. The Author owns all the right of book publishing rights with other intellectual property rights and book royalties.

You just need to send the content/manuscript over an email in work document.

Yes, as soon as you submit the manuscript, we will do the basic checks like basic spelling mistakes, grammar checks and Plagiarism. However, you always have the option to go with extensive editing.

If you have not started the writing, Good! we will help/guide you, how you can write and do research.

Publishing a book is completely depends on the services you choose. Normally it takes 20-25 days to publish it however we work hard so that we can meet author expectation.

It completely depends on our target audience size. We sit and discuss with the authors, how many copies he/she would require. However, to avoid any delay when an order comes, we keep a stock of minimum 50 copies in our warehouse. If you want extra copies apart from the free copies provided in the package, you can get it by paying just the printing cost.

Still have any other query? Write to us, we will be happy to discuss.